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Strategic Web Solutions, Hosting & Marketing

Web hosting with AXSES content server & e-commerce technology

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The right information to the right people at the right time in the right format

Your knowledge our skill and our library of solution

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About Knowledge Engineering

Advertising has moved beyond delivering a message, to providing media interaction, capable of creating Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA), in a single session

The new differentiation is not so much what you say or how you say it, but more how you process it.

It is no longer enough to create Awareness, Interest and Desire (AID). Consumers demand to know more and to be able Act on it (AIDA).

Knowledge engineering makes Information extensible, available, malleable, configure-able, searchable, accessible, deliverable in the right format and tailored to the occasion.









Knowledge Engineering

A vision for future

Instant gratification the mantra Newspapers report a drastic decline in static travel advertising as compared to …

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Connecting people & place

The Internet is a global network (the global village) connecting systems, people and information. In this global network, informaion systems…..

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Example-Real Estate

Leading Property Management and Real Estate Company in Barbados

Create an interactive media information…

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Content management systems – CMS
Holidays Made to Measure!

interactive marketing of destination …

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Custom applications

Real Estate – Full real estate management system – Full real estate management system – Content management system & custom property management
Most Real Estate companies in Barbados do business with us

Publishing & Merchandising – Custom e-commerce solution,
including bulk orders, pre-ordering and courier accounts

Music Distribution & Merchandising – Custom e-commerce solution, including credit card handling

Photography Archives & Merchandising – Custom classification & search system,
e-commerce solution including download system and credit card handling

E-commerce – Custom e-commerce solution – Custom e-commerce solution


Entertainment & Restaurants – Custom mp3 player, events calendar, postcards, photo gallery,
screensaver, video and live help – Events calendar, photo gallery – Photo gallery, printable menus

Solutions in Travel and Tourism

Event Calendars – the calendar system integrates clients (resorts and activities) with broader regional calendar

Resorts: – Flash, dynamic map, dynamic specials – postcards, screensaver, dynamic rates, dynamic room descriptions – dynamic rates, specials management system

Tourism Services: – Content management system, events, links – video, photo gallery

Dynamic Packaging: – Package created based on users profile and choices.
Resorts matched to users by character traits

Travel Portals:

Central Reservation System, portal keeper, content management, newsletters – Custom content management system – Custom content management system

Business & Financial services

‘ – Custom content management system including news, events,
yellow pages and members management. – Content management system, news,
RSS feeds, custom projects management system, custom video player – Custom content management system including news and events – Content management system,
custom members management, automatic PDF creation

Legal – Custom content management system including news,
events, members management and bulletin board

Architects – Custom case study system


A mashups is a web application that seamlessly combines data and services
from multiple sources into a single integrated application/experience.
Mashups are becoming a critical part of the travel and tourism industry especially as consumer-to-consumer
data exchange grows as a factor in travel decisions. – combines Axses data on over 150 attractions,
places of interest and beaches with Google Maps technology
giving visitors an interactive way to view Barbados.



AXSES knowledge engineers build “supplier centered” – “supply chain management” systems. We build the tools that will help suppliers manage their business and gain more control of the market. We build enterprise systems that are efficient and effective in managing information and communications for all aspects of a business, for all stakeholders including:

Global markets, global partners, suppliers, investors, customers, management and staff.

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