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A Belize Holiday vacation

A belize holidays is alive with history and holiday activities.

Perfect for families, singles or couples and holidays without children.

For business, stay in a town apartment with the convenience of your own kitchen and home comforts.

NO matter what your budget, Belize has a theme holiday and a special place for you; from small inexpensive guesthouses or budget hotel to luxury resorts.

Belize with its many private islands and mountain hideawys is perfecrt for Romance, Wedding and Honeymoons it is an idea place to get married, honeymoon, or simply fall in love. Enjoy our romantic settings and honeymoon hotels. Come and enjoy our Caribbean hospitality in the land of romance, great gourmet retreats, hideaways, nature retreats, rainforests and jungle adventure. Our Belize Jazz Festival attracts performers and visitors from across the globe. Energize in our health spas and nature retreats. Invigorate in our sports hotels, go sailing, diving, whale watching, boating and playing golf at a Belize's Golf Resort,

Escape to a jungle adventure or a carefree, Caribbean luxury vacation in Belize, Mother Natures Best Kept Secret

Belize Holiday Themes....

maya ruins in Belize Belize is one of the most lush tropical of ares in the Caribbean. On the coast of Central America, Belize is home over ten different cultures including; Garifuna, Maya, Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, and German Mennonites. Belize also has hundreds of ancient Maya temples, large intact tropical rainforest, jungles, caves and the longest barrier reef. in the Caribbean.

Select from the list of themes on the left, or pictures below for Belize holiday themes.

Belize Fishing Village, Local caribbean charm Belize sunsetcove, romantic holiday theme, Naturally Caribbean
Belize, private islands resort caribbean sailing & yachting holidays
Belize mountains rainforest holiday Belize hideaways of the Caribbean
Belize active holidays, sports, adventure and healthy holidays Belize wildlife and zoo
Belize l5 star luxury Caribbean style Belize beach holidays
Belize l5 star luxury Caribbean style Belize beach holidays

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You will find inexpensive guest houses with bed and breakfast from under $40.00 U.S daily for a single in the summer to luxury accommodations at some of the world's best hotels at $1,600 in the prime season.  From large hotels to small intimate guest houses, Belize has it all. Stay in a cosy country inn or rent self contained apartments
There are hotels for the sports enthusiasts, from water sports to tennis lessons and professional golf courses. Belize offers accommodation and holiday themes in every class, for every budget and for every taste.

Belize apartments and apartment hotels offer the comfort of a hotel room combined with the convenience of your own cooking facilities. Most are located on/near the beach and are especially suitable for families.

A Belize holiday theme is waiting for you!

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