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Belize Vacations - Mother Natures Best Kept Secret

We invite you to experience Belize vacation themes. From Belize Beach holidays, to the ultimate in pampering spa's, Caribbean luxury villas and first rate family hotels and resorts activities and varied Belize accommodation.

For a totally care free vacation Belize has wonderful Caribbean All inclusive package vacations and boutique resorts. For adventure there are mountain trials, jungle hikes, safari tours and sailing.

Enjoy lazy Caribbean days on Belize beaches and Island retreats, restore your soul at a heath spa or a mountain hideaway. Dance in tropical nights under the caribbean stars, wake up to a Caribbean Golf on the rolling tropical fairways of Caye Chapel 18 hole Golf Course.

There are a thousand ways to enjoy your days in Beautiful Belize, Mother Natures Best Kept Secret.
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Direct bookings to resorts and activities puts you in contact with your hosts!. Book Direct for special services and savings. Talk to your host, get the facts from insiders on the spot, directly change and upgrade.

Booking Direct is the preferred way to book by the majority of travellers. With Bookings Belize agent services are optional.

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Bookings Belize is a Caribbean company. Our people have expert knowledge of Belize and other Caribbean islands.

We built our own Caribbean Internet bookings system, to compare costs and features effectively, and to connect you Directly to Belize Tourism Operators, hotels & resorts, intimate Guesthouses and apartments!

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A final word: You will find inexpensive guest houses with bed and breakfast from under $40.00 U.S daily for a single in the summer to luxury accommodations at some of the world's best hotels at $1,600 in the prime season.  From large hotels to small intimate guest houses, Belize has it all. Stay in a cosy country inn or rent self contained apartments
There are hotels for the sports enthusiasts, from water sports to tennis lessons and professional golf courses. Belize offers accommodation in every class, for every budget and for every taste.

Belize apartments and apartment hotels offer the comfort of a hotel room combined with the convenience of your own cooking facilities. Most are located on/near the beach and are especially suitable for families. A perfect Belize Vacation, and home away from home.

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