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02/28/2013 - New Video: St. Lucia Apartment Rentals
Poinsettia Apartment for rent in St. Lucia has publishes a video of the Villa Residence #2: The Roof Top Two Bedroom Apartment at Poinsettia, Vigie, Castries, St. Lucia.
See te Press Release below:
02/27/2013 - Press Release Disctinctively Charmimg Video
The Press Release from PRWEB. The first video in a series focusing on the distinctive and charming people, lifestyles, places, attractions, events and Barbados holiday themes.
02/19/2013 - Barbados Leads with Responsive Web Design, the official website of the barbados Tourism Authority leads tourism destinations in re-designing a massive website so that the single site now can be viewed accros multiple mobile platformas as well as desktop and laptop devices. "with mobile now reaching maturity and with so many travelers using mobile to plan and book travel, it just makes no sense not to build for this market". So say Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES SCI the company that created the website and has built a host of tourism marketing machines for hotels, tourism operators and destinations.
02/13/2013 - St. Lucia Villa1 PoinsettiaApartments
New video for Villa 1 at st. lucia villa apartment rentals. See more about this at Click Here >>> or link to the video on YouTube below
01/26/2013 - Coal Pot Restaurant St. Lucia
Press Release on Review of Coal Pot restaurant. located in Vigie Cove Castries St. Lucia, close to the villas and accommodations at
12/23/2012 - Barbados Events Calendar Goes Mobile
PRweb on How & Why creates a new mobile platform for the events calendar of things to do in Barbados. The technology is shared in attached report and white paper on mobile travel.
12/21/2012 - Stay in Comfort & Holiday in Style: PoinsettiaApartments St. Lucia
In tHis promo Poinsettia Villa Apartments offers st. lucia Holidays where you can stay in Comforta ta one of the delightful viall apartments for rent at poinsettia and explore the island in style. With the rates at Poinsettia being very affordable what you save on staying at the famous resorts you can spend on lavish diners, rent a car, take tours, sailing and much more. And also visit these exotic places for dining, or cocktails and a swim.
11/30/2012 - Barbados Holidays Arts & Culture Tours
Noted for its quality artwork and fine sharp colors, Earthworks pottery in Barbados is a popular attraction with visitors. In this video we take a tour of the factory and meet the artist and people. This Press Release is picked up by Boston Globe and many other leading media outlets.
11/06/2012 - YouTube Travel Channel Launched by RealHolidays.TV
RealHolidays.TV launches a travel videos channel on YouTube. The tourism videos are organized by country as well as by holiday vacation Themes. The videos are selected from AXSES niche marketing sites as well as activities and hotel video created by AXSES for all players in the hospitality industry. For tourism suppliers Realholidays.TV offers a full video production and marketing service to make full advantage of their tourism videos. In addition to the listing on the client own travel website and social network, AXSES also publishes their own travel videos to online and offline media and across the internet to the social sites that travelers frequent.
11/05/2012 - Press Release for Poinsettia Apartments St. Lucia
Poinsettia Apartments for Rent in St. Lucia offer a different choice for discerning travellers looking for more private St. Lucia holidays. These exclusive villa apartments are on a hilltop overlooking the Caribbean Sea on Vigie Cove, just above a shallow draft marina at Ganters Bay where the egrets return at sunset; it is an oasis on the sea. One and two bedroom units are set around the pool, gardens and a huge roof top, sunset terrace. See the Press Release - Click Here.. Check Poinsettia at the link below.

09/29/2012 - World Heritage Tourism Magazine Free Download
World Heritage Tourism Video and Magazine: Press release is now live. The Magazine which is a publication of is full of current photography of historic properties, and also includes stories of the people, culture and lifestyles inherited from the past. Free Downloads available >> click Here See details in the Press release below:
09/04/2012 - World Heritage Adventure Travel Tours
We seek out UNESCO world heritage sites and destinations that offer exceptional cultural and holiday travel experiences. With we look for those places that offer nature, culture and activities suitable for all vacations for travelers of all ages and adventures who are interested in the adventure discover the roots of culture and exploring new lands, meeting new people and learning by the experience.
07/18/2012 - Barbados on UNESCO Hertiage List
Barbados Bridgetown and the Garison Savanah areas is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Awarded the World Heritagte Council designation for its historic importance and its preservation of architecture and unique heritage.
07/18/2012 - Adventure Travel Tours & Destinations
Adventure-Travel-Destinations re-launched with more hand picked adventure travel tours from leading adventure travel companies as well as local tours, hotels and tourism operators offering personal and custom adventure tours for travelers. Website | See the Press Relase below.
06/19/2012 - PRWEB New Release : Campaign for Direct Car Rentals: Featured on Party destinations and with an active marketing promo across multiple media.Several innovative features make this a powerful marketing force!
06/01/2012 - PartyDestinations Launches Tiami Catamarans Fun Sailing Video
The Party Destinations marketing initiative for Timim Catamaran Cruises begins with a short fun holiday video of catamaran cruising along the west cost, passing some of the most luxurious hotels, to anchor in a cove known where guest can swim with turtle and snorkel over a wreck teaming with fish.
05/22/2012 - Free Video Tutorials for Business Marketing
PRWeb Press release: Business Author Ian Clayton publishes free video tutorials to help small business owners.
05/04/2012 - AXSES Press Release: SocialIndexEngine Portal Lanunched
The New portal at explains what SIE is, how it works and provides proof that it works. Users may opt in to a free tutorial and newsletter series.
04/03/2012 - Build Your Business Online free Video Tutorials for Book Buyers
We have Released a Series of Video Tutorials For The Book "How to Build Your Business Online". The tutorials are free to all who buy the book at How to Build Your Business Online Book - See PRWeb Press Release below
03/07/2012 - Marketing Video Published
Party-Destinations Marketing video is about marketing hotels and tourism on the worlds premier party destination site. The Press release is published online and offline and is expect to be seen by 30,000 (impressions). We expect over 1000 will read the release and view the video. For more information go to Webiste You may also review the Video on YouTube and the PRWeb Press Release link below
02/25/2012 - AXSES launches Party-Destinations to Market Hotels & Fun Holidays
PRESS RELEASE: For Hotels, resorts and tourism Destinations in promoting their Party Holidays and packages.Party-Destinations offers a unique marketing opportunity to get exposure and book more fun loving, party-loving vacationers
10/28/2011 - AXSES' New SocialIndexEngine for Travel Marketing
AXSES launches its new SocialIndexEngine (SIE) technology for creating and managing social media networks and brand marketing for hotels and tourism operators. This first-of-its-kind integrated marketing system automates promotions, advertising, content marketing, video publishing and social media setup, management and marketing. Read more about how the SIE addresses the real dilemma of social media marketing for small hotels and tourism operators. See how one of the first clients to use the system will stand to benefit from it by clicking on the link to our Blog below.
08/22/2011 - Social Marketing 4 Travel
New site Lanched Build on MSMM Platform we have access to social media automation and publishing tools that are tried and tested with the very best. AXSES Clients will have the advantage of premier automation combining tools and know how from 5 different sources together with our own tourism marketing technology, booking systems, publishing and social media marketing services See blog on Social4Travel | For more see TravelWatchNew Blog
07/25/2011 - arcRes Facebook Hotel Marketing V5
AXSES Upgrades arcResBooking for Facebook and Social Media Travel Marketing. This application help tourism companied build & manage Fan pages, content, brand info and travel shopping & bookings. No commissions and the data and leads are directed to the travel brand directly, creating high brand integrity, loyalty and profit.
07/25/2011 - Facebook Sweepstake: Win a Free Caribbean Holiday In Barbados
AXSES, a leader in Social Media Marketing for Travel, launched a Facebook Sweepstake with the prize of a 5-day free holiday in the Caribbean Island Barbados. The sweepstake at is open to all The Facebook Sweepstake is a marketing campaign by AXSES to promote hotels and activities in Barbados. AXSES intends to run additional sweepstakes following this initiative. Travelers are invited to learn more and become fans at - The Fans sweepstake at is open to all Facebook Fans.
03/18/2011 - Axses upgrades arcRes
arcRes V5: New look and more customised options help brands market and close more direct bookings:
02/03/2011 - AXSES Launches Advanced Mobile Tourism Marketing Platform
After 6 months of research and planning for the SmartphoneTraveller initiatives, AXSES has launched a multi-part mobile marketing campaign for hotel and Tourism Operators. The campaign builds on the arcRes publishing system which can now pump out information and booking capabilities mobile websites, mobile applications and mobile directories.

The system are fully integrated with the entire arcres tourism marketing platform meaning that information is entered and managed for a single point. Not only does arcRes publisher now builds and manages mobile websites and Smartphone marketing services; it also manages rates and bookings hotel and travel brand websites, on social media like Facebook, as well as 100's of affiliated and syndicated sites. Including an advertising network where smart interactive ads engage Travellers and lead to direct bookings.

Smartphone/Mobile Marketing is covered by direct bookings on Google Android Travel Shopping, and a Direct Travel Shopping application for the Apple iPhone.

For mobile web browsing arcRes published to, a global DotMobi directory which links directly to hotel and travel .mobi websites also created by arcRes

For More Information See | Mobile Website see | Applications

07/27/2010 - AXSES Travel Marketing Platform Selected by Dominica Tourism Authority
Colin Piper,CEO/Director of the Discover Dominica Authority, says We selected AXSES because its people have a deep understanding of the travel marketplace and the right suite of products and resources to help our travel marketing.

The AXSES travel platform is a Direct Marketing Platform offering advertising management, bookings engines and central reservation, interactive branding and e-commerce management. Ideal for destinations, it plays by destination rules and promotes the destination product with direct hotel bookings and direct tourism promotions, advertising and branding. See AXSES Blog Press Release with the link below:
07/27/2010 - AXSES Travel Platform Brochure now vailable for downlaod and in print form
AXSES Travel Platform for e-commerce marketing, travel bookings and travel publishing. Available in multiple formats. Offering a free trial on the arcRes marketing systems -Print version delivered by mail available at Magcloud Magazines - small charge for shipping and paper cost. Free Download pdf and online versions available at link below:
07/27/2010 - AXSES Launches SmartphoneTraveller
AXSES is a mobile application for Travellers. Hotel and Tourism activities - car rentals, tours and tourism suppliers can now publish their travel specials to smart phones using SmartPhone Travel Apps Currently featuring Caribbean travel shopping, a newer version is in the works for world travel specials.
08/03/2009 - AXSES SEO - Poinsettia for apartment rentals!
AXSES launched a webpage for Long Term apartment rentals for Poinsettia. The Page was highly SEO optimised. It is linked internally from Poinsettia apartments. Some very strategic social links were made. Within a couple of days, the new page was indexed and displayed on Google Page 1 for "apartment rentals St lucia" and "St lucia apartment rentals".

SOCIAL SEO Works - Contact AXSES for more info!
Poinsettia Apartment Rentals
Blog How to SEO using social media
arcRes for Tourism SEO

04/30/2009 - AXSES Launches - Facebook Travel Bookings
AXSES Launches Facebook Travel Bookings application; arcResBookings, a first e-commerce tourism suite for Facebook. >>> More about
02/11/2009 - AXSES - Barbados Boardwalk website launched
AXSES Systems Caribbean Inc. announces a new website for the Barbados Boardwalk - Press Release:
10/20/2008 - Axses Launches Get Connected
The GET CONNECTED initiative is a unique service combining vast Global Distribution with breakthrough technology for Direct sales. See full Press release AXSES Get Connected Press Release
06/19/2008 -
New Interactive ads make it easy for travelers to book right on the page they visit, be it an article, a map, a listing, a photo page, a banner advertisement or a search result
11/27/2007 - AXSES -
AXSES SYSTEMS CARIBBEAN INC. tourism developers and marketers announces,
10/24/2007 - AXSES - Launches
Bookings St. lucia is a Caribbean company. Our people have expert knowledge of St. Lucia and other Caribbean islands.
03/27/2007 - nominated as leading Caribbean website nominated by World Travel Awards for: "Caribbean's Leading Overall Travel Information Website".
11/29/2005 - AXSES adds Global Distribution System (GDS) to market mix
AXSES System Caribbean Incorporated (AXSES SCI), the number one destination marketing company in Barbados offers affordable, effective and easy distribution to the world Global Distribution System (GDS) and Internet Portals.
05/31/2005 - AXSES launches interactive Calendar
New website service makes publishing your event on the net FREE AND EASY
04/26/2005 - AXSES - gives on-line booking engine to Barbados Hotels
AXSES System Caribbean Inc., makes its arcRes Bookings-Expert available free of charge to all Barbados resorts hosted by AXSES.
03/22/2005 - New Brand Launched!!
AXSES Introduces a new "Bajan First Brand" for Barbados Tourism
11/19/2004 - AXSES - In The News (Advocate Sept. 27th 2004)
Interview article with Ian Clayton - published in Barbados Advocate
09/28/2004 - AXSES - The Most Popular Caribbeam Site! was more widely linked on the net than any other Caribbean Island, beating Mexico, Jamaica and every Caribbean destination, even the Caribbean Tourism Organization site (CTO).
09/09/2004 - AXSES Launches WebAXSES. One of the very first database engine for the
AXSES Inc. announces WebAXSES, a new approach to putting Databases on the Internet. webAXSES makes it easy for non programmers, and non technical people to put sophisticated Database applications onto the Internet.
Sea Technology, 1991. Published article on a new digital environmental Information Atlas and distributed decision support system for resource managers and researchers. (Gulf of Maine GIs Database Aids Oceanographers, Resource Managers. Sea Technology, November 1991).
09/12/2004 - AXSES Sensitivity mapping. A systems approach.
Earth Observation Magazine, July 1994. AXSES Presented a system approach to developing sensitivity indexed for impact assessment and contingency planning.
09/12/2004 - AXSES MultiMap. First multimedia GIS for Tourism
Earth Observation Magazine, September, 1994. Review of a GIs implementation for tourism planing and promotion.
09/10/2004 - AXSES -
The Complete Barbados Travel Planning and Online Reservation System. lets you find, reserve and book your Barbados accommodation online - hotels & resorts, luxury villas & vacation rentals, intimate guesthouses and apartments!
09/10/2004 - AXSES - Launches with Barbados as Hub
CaribbenHopping adventures take you to islands made for every mood. From luxury accommodations to a backpackers delight. We will show you Caribbean hikes, nature tours, tropical beaches, rainforests, shopping, the best cuisines, romantic hideaways and much more. Select your options by mood, budget or go directly to an island of your choice.
02/07/2001 - AXSES - RealHolidays
- AXSES Gets Real with RealHolidays. First expert system for dynamic packaging and shopping cart for travel.

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