White paper on DestinationSuites

Concepts relating to client management using arcAdmin and arcRes

In the tourism industry today, there are more marketing channels than ever before.  There are new services, and new Internet intermediaries like EXPEDIA, TRAVELOCITY, HOTELSPLUS, WHERETOSTAY, TRAVELCLICK, CHEAPTRIPS, DISCOUNTHOTELS offering resorts, packages, air and a better deal.  Internet savvy users are finding it pays to shop around and hotels are finding it important to establish more control of inventory, pricing and distribution.

AXSES is working to help market clients in this new Internet driven world of travel.  We are developing services and products to help clients better manage the distribution of rates, inventory and information in the market channel.  We are in contact with major Internet suppliers like OLA, Destina.ca, AgentWare, Expedia and others and understand the need for better technology and services to manage distribution effectively.  Our future is in providing the best technology to advance your travel marketing.  DestinationSuites embodies this intention.


Made to Advance your Travel Marketing

DestinationSuites provides the means to better manage and market major aspect of your business. It consists of several components each tailored to solve a specific need of the travel industry.


Effective yield management ensures that you reap the maximum return from your number of available bed nights.

        arcRes will be configured to monitor client’s room activity.

        Monitor usage and advise you when allocation is below a critical minimum.

        Monitor periods where activity is marginal.  This may be by period and by unit type.  Promoting these slow room-periods should be automated so that specials, at preset discounts/extras are    launched/emailed to target sites/partners or clients.  These periodic specials may also be automatically featured on web pages through out you distribution network.



In a world in which there is increasing pressure on you to discount your rates, it is imperative that you know before hand how effective you are being at controlling your rates.

        arcRes will manage all of a clients net rates and group discount

        Special rates (groups) may be based on any net

        Groups may be expressed as a mark-up, a discount or a net rate

        Specials such as bob etc will be tagged on the rates manager with control over where and when it is displayed

        Packages may include rooms or be land and transport only

        Clients will have the use of RealHolidays dynamic packaging systems for a nominal extra

        Packages will accommodate clients own options as well as Barbados ground activities

        Clients can set their own discount levels and exempt any activity from selection



Your website content is critical.  You must be able to react immediately to changes in the market place, to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they present themselves and to make your own opportunities.

        arcAdmin allows you to manage all information from a central

        Non web information may also be managed with this system

        The system will provide clients with an easy way to find information, to distribute and manage it



As the number of contracts grows, it becomes increasingly tedious to manage, distribute and maintain information and pricing in the traditional manual way.

        arcRes centralises rates and discounts. It our intention to develop this as a central system for managing all net rates and groups.  Information relating to specific contracts may also be managed and made available to authorised users only.  Contracts may link to net rate, terms and content.



Not all travel partners have the ability to interface into all property management system.  We see that some form of allocation management will be needed for some the foreseeable future.  arcRes concept is to build a central allocation management service that will hook into the property management system of each of our clients.  This central manager will provide via XML a central inventory management for all partners.

Made to Advance your Travel Marketing

An innovative AXSES solution!!