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Barbados travel technology - Bookable-ads.comTM launched

For immediate Release: Date Sept 9th 2008

AXSES Systems Caribbean Inc, announces bookable-ads.comTM
– an exciting new travel technology that combines advertising, search, shopping, and buying all in one system.

AXSES is the owner and operator of and, the premier Bookings and Reservation Center of Barbados.

“The advertise, search, shop, and buy functions, once independent, are fusing at a rapid rate” says Ian Clayton, CEO of AXSES. “We believe that this announcement puts Barbados at the forefront of international travel technology”.

The technology can be seen on which is the first site in the world to implement™, a uniquely Barbados product.

Please see our online demo at:

“It's time for Barbados to take its Travel Technology to the international marketplace”, says Clayton.

The new technology integrates AXSES Ad Management system (arcAds), with AXSES Booking Engine (arcRes), Dynamic Packaging and Shopping expert systems (arcReal) and AXSES Custom Search.

AXSES has perfected these technologies over 12 years of development for Barbados hotels and resorts and in marketing network of sites.

“Our work with hotels and tourism operators in Barbados has given us a unique perspective on destination marketing for small islands and resort vacations” says Kathy Lynn Ward, Director of Operations and Programming at AXSES.

This advance means suppliers like hotels now can showcase their “holiday experience” in a direct and targeted way. Rooms, rates, specials, photo galleries and shopping services are tailored at the point of buyer interest and at the point of purchase. Travel buyers look at several sites, so the information is easily saved and available at any time.

For an example of how™, works see


All Barbados hotels, activities and attractions are located on a map. The travelers can search for a property or a place and see the properties as pins on a map. The pins that have arcRes booking and shopping capability display as a lightbulb turned on.

Clicking on a lightbulb will display options to see rooms, photo, rates, webinfo and to get a quote, compare, book or add it to a shopping cart.

Free Trial arcRes bookings marketing and publishing systems htp://


Maps are just one form of bookable-adsTM.  The technology applies to all types of ads. including; 
text, ad boxes, images, specials, lists, maps, links and banners .

Interactive Bookable-Banners bring a new sense of fun and value to banners. Travelers click on the arrows to slide through pictures of holiday options, and instantly obtain a quote, see rooms, rates photos and website. They can book at anytime!

Soon to be added to all Bookable ads are: Reviews, myWebsite itinerary organiser, maps and many useful tools to Plan a holiday, share memories, get advice and keep in contact with family and friends



Travelers expect to have everything in one place. 

Having to decipher multiple websites, different rate plans, family plans and cost holidays across season, with tax and service, is simply impractical.

Travelers have shown they like sites that help them make decisions and bookable-adsTM is just that.


Free Trial
arcRes bookings marketing and publishing systems

>>>> htp://


latest news & info on arcres see




Please see our online demo at:

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