Connecting people and place

The Internet is a global network (the global village) connecting systems, people and information.

In this global network,  information systems are vast,  comprising billions of users, handling hundreds of simultaneous operations to the same data.
Enterprise in scope
Not long ago, 100 users was considered an enterprise system, today even a small website may have thousands of users.
a small e-commerce website can be enterprise in size.
The systems behind this network, are not trivial.
They are massive parallel distributed processes  with hundreds of computers sharing the load.
At AXSES, we build the grass root tools (field tools)  for this network. Our focus is the companies that produce
products and services and market them.


“supplier centered” – “supply chain management”
We build the tools to manage the supply business giving supplier more control of the market, better control of content, price and inventory and its presentation in all channels.
Global Distribution
Our property management systems connect directly into the airline Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Sabre and Internet Distribution (IDS/MLS).

We build affiliate programs with agents and distributors allowing suppliers to manage rates and availability in remote systems.
Leading edge Technology
All web2 technology can be integrated, RSS feeds and publishing, blogs , wikipedias , ajax, videos, flash, rich media, interactive mapping, mashups.