With several decades of programing, development and problem solving ranging from knowledge engineering system to hospitality, tourism and destination marketing, the AXSES team has a treasure trove of insights, knowledge and experience to share. As a consultant the team can guide you in every step toward building a powerful marketing network from website to social media, and from e-commerce to marketing automation.

 The Power Marketing Consultant Network

In 2015 AXSES joined the International Power Marketing Consultants Network, extending its range of services and resources to offer a complete consulting services along with development and fulfillment of multimedia marketing strategies.

The network consists of over 200 Power Consultants in all types of business. AXSES’ All Cast Marketing ads its specialized knowledge and proprietary applications to the network. We are proud to support the network with leading edge products and know-how in tourism that are fully integrated with the PMC strategy. And, we are proud to be part of this dynamic and effective group.

PMC offer a new approach to marketing in the digital age. To learn more about PMC strategy, why you need them, and how they work please visit the link below.

Complementary DVDs, Tips & Reports

Power Marketing Consultants invite you to share its insights, marketing secrets, case studies and in depth free reports and tutorials on how to master marketing in the digital age. You may download its inspiring papers and learn how to build integrated CCIIA* marketing campaigns and how to avoid the mistakes that almost everyone is making today.


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CCIIA the new AIDA

The  CCIIA strategy developed and perfected by PMC is explained in detail in the FREE tutorials and reports. It replaced the old adage ‘AIDA’ (awareness, interest, desire, action) with the more modern idea of;  Capture, Connect, Inform, Incentivize, and Automate (CCIIA).


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