1. Directory List and Business BizCard (name and address only) -This category will not receive referrals, but may be seen by clients using AXSES "travelagentsfind"

2.  Basic Subscriber: US$250 per annum (pa)
Advertisers receive complementary keywords for: One location(country, city, state, zip, telephone exchange), one company name and up to 4 categories (such as weddings, villas, cruises etc). Preferred over 1 for referrals and lead generation**

3. Dynamic WebSite: US$550pa
Includes 2. plus: Bold Listing, BizCard Photo ($150), Description ($100), 3 more categories ($100), email hostingPreferred over 2 for referrals and lead generation**

4. Advantage WebSite: from US$1000pa
Full Website. Most Preferred for referrals and lead generation**

5. email Hosting: $50 setup/$50pa
No mailbox full errors, no loss of service when you are leave the office. Yourname@RealHolidays.com available FREE to Dynamic and Advantage Partners.

* Special Rate: Buy two get one free

**Referrals are to advertisers only. Advantage Partners are preferred for referrals in their market. Leads are generated from: Requests for Brochures, VIP, RealHolidays, Vacation Planners, Special Events, Special Trade-only Packages (e.g.: Caribislands.net/savings.htm) and Special requests etc.

*** National/International Partners must have Advantage Website







6. Additional Category/links: US$50pa/ea*
Add categories such as Cruises etc. Referral Links can be purchased for each island on the Caribislands.net site.

7. Bold Listing:(Location, Category Page): US$150pa* Your listing on the search results page will show up in bold on each Location and Category you advertise on. (Advertise by category, state, city, zip, tel. Country and Regional options also available)

8. Banners (Location/Category Page): US$250pa*

9. Marketwatch Newsletter: US$50pa
Subscribe to monthly Technology and Marketing Newsletter. Provide a complete tutorial on technology, detailed analysis of trends in technology and marketing related to travel.

10. National Referrals: US $550pa. ***
Receives Referrals if there is not a Subscriber in client area. Only 3 Nationals per country are appointed.

11. International Referals: US $550pa. ***
Receives Referrals if there is not a Subscriber in a clients country.





Banner Specifications
Format: GIF or JPEG
Dimensions: 200 pixels x 50 pixels
File Size: Maximum 10K

AXSES Web Communications also provides banner design services. Minimum Cost is US$250

E-mail us to setup your banner today!

Prices subject to change