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Specials Marketing

With arcRes you can easily create a special for a low period or as a market lead.
For simplicity we offer you the option of making a special as a free night or a discount of another rate.

Setting up Specials - easy as arcRes

with Res admin systems you may enter the dates the special will apply, and when it can be booked etc.

The special can apply to all products and all channels or to a select few.

It is very flexible and easy to use.

Specials can be interactive and dynamic (eSpecials; prices change based on party dates and numbers)
or used as an advertisement (where prices are set for standard period and occupancy). Specials can span season, so that a traveler might end up with part of a holiday at special rates and other parts at the regular rate for that season.

Advertisement specials are best for publishing to other sites and RSS feeds.

Specials On your website

Use arcres as your own website booking engine.
It is far more that a booking engine; it is a marketing suite to help you reach new markets, manage your brand and manage distribution. With arcRes easy to use admin tools, you can monitor your business and mange rates across many channels

Global Distribution

Specials in arcRes are distributed to large network of sites: including News sites, travel sites.
Social media like Facebook (see Blog) and Speciality channels like
as well as niche channels like: cricket, holder. using widgets to help

Broadcast Distribution via RSS feeds

Put a special on arcRes and it will appear all over the net!! The RSS feeds are used by over a hundred Internet sites.

Many like Google allow users to subscribe to specials from destinations of their choice, and these will recieve emails with arcRes specials displayed in them. The specials are also displayed on travelers myGoogle pages and are e-mailed directly to subscribing travelers.

Social Media Channels

Facebook 157 million users - see page - Barbados Tourism Encylopedia
Twitter mimi blogs: - Much more is in the works!

Many Direct marketing Channels

AXSES Caribbean network of over 30 sites: We are gradually adding specials to many pages on these sites - see

Specials Channels. see -

Specials widget throughout See the widget used for Barbados

Google Base, Google's shopping search engine.
Its a Google Search engine for shoppers, allowing users to find products and compare prices.

Google Calendar - See Barbados Specials Calendar

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