Example – Real Estate -features


–                high quality photography – optimized flash animation greet visitors to the site

–          classification of properties on several levels (for example features and location)
lets the visitor quickly narrow down his choice

–          extensive information on properties, including photo galleries, virtual tours,
brochures and floor plans, assists in selecting the ideal property

–          visitors can select multiple properties and send one request to the company

–          live help allows for direct online interaction between the company and visitor

–          visitors familiar with Barbados can quickly access properties with which they are familiar

–          newsletter feature collects marketing data on potential customers and provides
a medium for further distribution of personalized information.

–          the ability to refer a property to a friend via e-mail takes
advantage of current social networking trends and viral marketing.

–          subtle and direct calls-to-action are located throughout the site


The entire interface is easily managed by the company


The site collects, categorizes and manages a range of information such as
property data, documents, brochures, floor plans, virtual tours and visitor data.


Time-saving features include automatic resizing of photographs for the website and creation of PDF brochures.


Consistency of information and message across media is ensured by
having the brochures generated directly off the archive database


Specific properties can be highlighted or showcased.


Features can be customized for each property – e.g. “swimming pool” is a generic feature
but can be customized as “Olympic-size” swimming pool for relevant properties.


Ongoing contact with the visitor is maintained through a newsletter system with personalized newsletters
based on interest and geo-targeting to specific regional markets.


Each property can be linked to a specific agent, ensuring that e-mails reach the right agents
and can therefore be responded to promptly, accurately and completely.


The system also handles internal look-ups on Managing Agents and owners.