Example – Real Estate

Leading Property Management and Real Estate Company in Barbados Objective


Create an interactive media information system that will be used to power the website,
dynamically create brochures and serve as a knowledge system to track documents, and in-house collateral and projects.
The system will have an easy to use management system to change; content, prices, plans, availability, schedules and collateral.


The website will allow visitor to interactively explore properties,
find the most desirable property, and then rent or purchase that property



Information is organised and categories so that it can be configured for distribution partners and stakeholders.
A Central admin. system is built with arcRes modules.

Other modules tailored for the solution include;
content management, document management, dynamic pdf brochures,
calendars, archives and many others.


New software was created and existing technology customized to reflect
the company brand and meet their specific requirements.

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