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AXSES is very pleased to reward Plum Tree Club on Rockley Golf Course for their pro-active and very efficient use of AXSES technology. Plum Tree Club joined us in 2008.

Ann Smith, General Manager, and Kristine Hoad, Reservations Manager, have this to say:

"We at Plum Tree Club signed up in early January for the ArcRes Bookings-Expert. This was decided after extensive discussions with the team at AXSES who were very helpful in tailoring the package to suit our needs. We also signed up for a listing on the Barbados Holiday Packages website and the Golf Packages and Accommodation page of We have had it running on our website for less than a month and have already confirmed a number of bookings. Visitors to our website find it very useful to be able to calculate the total cost of their stay and we have the ability to contact them with any special offers, even if they haven't made a booking.

In addition, since we upgraded our listing on, we have seen drastically increased hits on our site from that source. We really appreciate the assistance of the team at Axses, who are always willing to provide advice. We look forward to working with Axses more in the future and we expect great things from our partnership."

Plum Tree Club already have Specials advertised on our website. We at AXSES have given them an upgrade to e-Specials as their reward.

This can be viewed at:

10 Steps towards a successful web site design

1. Be clear on what the unique selling points (USPs) of your product are. Ask guests, partners and staff what makes your product different from competitors. Be sure that the website captures these USPs in both design and content.

2. Identify the purpose and goals of your website. Examples include: establish credibility; make bookings; sell products; build a customer database; promote special offers; facilitate viral marketing; provide customer service. Every page on the website should include a clear call to action to achieve these goals.

3. Identify your target audiences By nationality, age, budget and interests; long stay vs cruise visitors; industry partners; tour operators; travel agents. Each audience may require customized content and information delivery methods.

4. Integrate the right technology that provides travelers with the services they want. Integrate successful elements into the new design. If re-designing an existing site, consider those elements of the existing site that are successful and integrate them into the new design.

5. Use widgets to add content and value to your site without additional work. Examples are weather, bookings and TripAdvisor widgets.

6. Have a plan for marketing your website - marketing tools include direct links, social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, bookmarking sites), links from industry partners, search engine optimization, cost per click campaigns and offline marketing

7. Maintain consistency with your offline branding. Utilize elements of your company's offline image in the foundation of your web design. Ensuring that your website design reflects and/or complements your company's image and other marketing materials, creates an unified marketing strategy for best results. Elements include your company's logo, motto, slogan, catch phrases, corporate colors, etc.

8. Spend quality time with your content. You should take this opportunity to review your current content and make necessary changes. Pay attention to your Internet Architecture as it may call for additional pages to be added or a restructure to ensure a positive user experience.

9. A CMS that works for you. Utilize a solid Content Management System that is user friendly and gets the job done. Having a CMS makes the management of content way easier, and as an added bonus it will make your next re-design a breeze as content is separate from the design.

10. Make rates and alternative pricing visible and fair. Be sure your website offers the same specials and discount travelers will get and expect in other channels. Use loyalty programs to reward return visits.

Your Website and Branding

A brand must appeal to the psyche of customers to make a connection.

For example; many senior travelers want hospitality and service above all. Younger travelers may prefer casual and tech-friendly hotels with convenience, where food and drinks are a priority; hotels that have the look, feel, and comfort of their own homes.

Targeting your market niche starts at the design stage.

Brand Integrity for small island hotels

Small hotels can tap into the booming market for Boutique hotels where uniqueness and character are preferred over big brand names. Differentiation and personality is key. However we can learn from the success of chain hotels that have made great progress in building their own brand marketing and reducing their dependence on the OTAs like Expedia. (81% of bookings to major chains are now direct). The Chains have understood that reliance on OTA's is not good for Brand Integrity.

Congratulations to Bayfield House and Little Arches

Bayfield House and Little Arches have won Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2010 awards.

Bayfield House - Top 10 B&Bs and Inns in the Caribbean & Mexico

Little Arches Hotel - Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean & Mexico

New Collaborative marketing service from AXSES

AXSES is now introducing a new collaborative marketing solution where we help you use technology, brand and market your products, get exposure, and close more direct sales.

More on this will follow in the subsequent newsletters.

In the meantime please call or email me if you want to explore this new initiative:

juliah 'at'


AXSES is a travel marketing company building marketing and management tools for travel suppliers. Axses owns over 30 travel portals promoting direct sales to its hotel and tourism clients.

AXSES supplier tools
include Internet marketing portals, website tools like calendars, blogs, content management, guest tracking and travel planning, dynamic packaging, comparison shopping, reservations and bookings systems.



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