As we move rapidly into the New Year with its economic challenges, success in the tourism industry will depend in part on how adept you, the supplier, are at effective use of Internet Marketing with emphasis on Direct Business.

Please click on this link to see The AXSES article published in the Barbados Business Authority Monday January 12th 2009 page 18.

"Tourism meets technology...a la Barbados":

Some pro-active companies already receive up to 70% of their business on-line.

Geeta Chatrani, owner of the Yellow Bird Hotel and South Gap Hotel can well be described as pro-active in her use of AXSES ArcRes.

"In the first three weeks we got our first booking at Yellow Bird, which covered the cost of our investment," Chatrani told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY. "At one point over 90 per cent of our bookings came from the Internet; it's now about 70 per cent, but I have to say it's been well worth it."

Mr Colin Jordan, Managing Director of the Dover Beach Hotel, another pro-active user of AXSES arcRes says, "We have been able to get more booking revenue with less commission than we did from the relationship we had with another provider, where they were able to siphon off some of our business as well."

The AXSES product line, powered by arcRes, gives the guest the opportunity to book DIRECTLY with you and does not take commission.

Quotes - Comparison - Shopping

A key Call To Action is to Book Direct. Therefore it is important that visitors can search and compare on one site rather than jumping around multiple resort sites.

An example of comparison shopping can be found by clicking on this link.

In order for the Cost & Compare feature to work correctly you must update your rates.
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This Specials web site is also a channel for RSS feeds, linked to hundreds of RSS sites and users.
Google Calendar has also recently been added, allowing any Google Calendar user to easily add all Barbados specials to his/her own personal calendar!

New Features

Just some of the new features that have been added to the site in the last few months are:

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Social Networking: Integration with social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and more! Read more about social media

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Current Projects

Facebook - We are currently developing our Facebook site. Drop by, add your comments and become a fan!
We will be contacting you to suggest ways to promote your specials and brand marketing with Facebook.

Games & Screensavers - As part of our viral marketing strategy we are developing online games and puzzles featuring imagery of Barbados. Also in development are several local screensavers!

Get Connected
Our Get Connected promotion gets you Global Distribution and gives you the tools to drive direct business. We credit the full GDS setup costs against new arcRes purchases and give you a 50% discount on eligible technology and marketing channels. See

We are convinced that you recognize the importance of working with a stable company which has been dedicated to Tourism in the Caribbean for many years.

You may view the 12 awards won by AXSES tourism web sites, including an international Award for Advanced Technology, at

We look forward to assisting you in increasing your business as we have done for nearly 300 clients in Barbados over the past 12 years.

Drop by our network of sites, to see how we can put our knowledge to work for you.

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