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Realholidays creates a physiological profile of travelers and matches them to hotels

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arcRes e-commerce tops 130 million dollars (bds) in inquiries for direct business to Barbados(2009)

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Did you Know
JetBlue selected AXSES for an RFI on dynamic packaging, because of Realholidays
Rewarded- Atlantis Submarines

AXSES wishes to congratulate Roseanne Myers of Atlantis Submarines for her pioneering spirit and pro-active use of AXSES technology. With Roseanne's collaboration, AXSES started the Booking-partners program which assists tourism suppliers to work more closely together and benefit on both sides from the on-line partnership.

Roseanne says: "Atlantis Submarines has been working with Axses for many years and are indeed very happy customers. We find them responsive to requests, creative in their approach and most of all an effective partner in the execution of our internet marketing strategy. operated by Axses represents more traffic to the Atlantis Submarines International website than any other destination website including Hawaii. The advice given and attention paid to our needs and our many queries is very gratifying and we know our dollars are well spent with Axses".

The AXSES reward for Atlantis Submarines is the Atlantis bookable-banner as seen here:

SEO Travel Links and Process for the Interactive Brand

Imagine you are trying to get to page 1 on a search result like "Barbados budget family hotels". There are 110,000 pages competing with you. You have done all that you can to optimise the content. Now you need other pages on the Internet to link to you. Not just any page - you need pages that Search Engines consider authoritative (High Page Rank (PR)).

A good place to start is AXSES network. Our flagship portal, had over 400,000 visitors in January 2010. It has over 30,000 website pages linking to it. Google gives it a Page Rank of 6 (out of 10). Expedia, one of the most visited travel website in the world, has a PR of just 8.

List on high PR sites. Links from high PR and "relevant" sites increase your search ranking and will get you an edge over the competition. Advertising on is a good investment. We have seen our clients move to the top of a search result page just by being linked from This means that you not only get a ROI on your advertising, you are also getting a boost in direct links to your site from search.

Social Media and SEO for your Brand. Search Engines are paying a lot of attention to comments and content on Social sites like Twitter and Facebook. These are also very high PR sites, which means that mention of your brand on these sites is good for your SEO.

Engage in Social media Sites - Write comments and link back to your page. This is one thing that you can and should do in-house.

- Create a Facebook page and use Twitter to send out invitation to visit your page. Load your brand info, content. rates, rooms, photos, specials, interactive quotes and bookings options onto Facebook using arcRes (arcResBookings for Facebook)
- Twitter about events in your area and news of interest. Twitter about your activities and your specials.

Process and your Travel Brand

Interactive brands are interactive on at least two fronts. They interact with clients via Social Media and what we are calling the "Conversation". The Brand is also interactive by its nature. Communications and the process by which information is delivered is increasingly dynamic and interactive.

Social Media and Human Interaction - Good SEO for Tourism Branding
Social media is instant, interactive and personal. We noted above that social media can create valuable links. Additionally it adds to the search knowledge and the "Conversation" about your brand. A conversation about your brand can include many users; if it goes viral it can include thousands of users linking back to your brand. If it gets to be remark worthy it can be reproduced all over the net. This is very good for Search Engine Optimisation and branding.

SEO and Process - The Interactive Travel Brand
How you process and display information is becoming increasingly important in getting good position in search results. In the quest to provide the best, latest and most relevant content Search Engines are looking for dynamic content that is new and interactive. Information that changes based on a query gets a high score.

Process is about delivering a rich travel shopping experience; tracking users and responding based on their behavior, with knowledge of what they already know. Search engines are differentiating between sites on the bases of this technology, how fast it is, how current, how malleable and how smart it is. Static sites cannot deliver instant quotes, change content based on users input and dynamically create personal views for each travel shopper. This interactive shopping experience requires expert systems, like AXSES' arcRes Bookings-Expert and RealHolidays technology.

Rates as Interactive Content. We are going to deal with rate management fully in the next newsletter. Being competitive on your own website is growing in importance as discount rates become increasingly available and easy to access. A new study by Cornell University suggests if your rates are not perceived as being fair, travelers will not return to your site (see Cornell study on fair pricing).

Be clear, be seen, be fair
Branding requires being clear about your market and your USP. Your message must be communicated in words and images, with the right emotion and the right process in the right place. If you don't connect to your visitors, if they don't see what they want - they will move on to another site.

Shoppers need a reason to remember you. Create stickiness and give them a reason to return. Shoppers must be able to visit your website and action a request, get a quote, save it or buy at any point. Offer online solutions that provide the processes they expect.

Shoppers want to know they are getting a fair price. We recommend that you manage rates and expectations with loyalty programs, periodic specials and special rate plans. Travel shoppers want to act (get a quote, save it, add it to a list, buy it) when they are ready.

Be ready to respond fairly and immediately when the time is right.

Check our next newsletter for more on rates marketing.

Do not try SEO on your own

Unless you know SEO and have a huge amount of time to devote to SEO, we don't recommend you try to do it yourself. This summary and our previous newsletter will help you understand SEO. Use it to hire the right team and work with them.

Call your AXSES consultant for advice.

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AXSES is the company that put Barbados on the net. We continue to market with top position on the net and worldwide recognition for our travel shopping technology. see tourism meets technology

AXSES travel shopping experience offers the relevance and clarity of 'Google-like search', 'DoubleClick-like advertising, tracking and reporting' and 'Expedia-like travel pricing'.

This Next Generation Travel Shopping Experience is a First of a Kind. It moves travel sites from primarily a display vehicle to a strategic branding, direct marketing, shopping and booking platform for hotels, car rental companies and travel providers. It provides integrated and targeted messaging opportunities, as well as the ability to deliver dynamic graphical ads (bookable-ads) and interactive shopping.

AXSES is a travel marketing company building marketing and management tools for travel suppliers. Axses owns over 30 travel portals promoting direct sales to its hotel and tourism clients. AXSES supplier tools include Internet marketing portals, website tools like calendars, blogs, content management, guest tracking and travel planning, dynamic packaging, comparison shopping, reservations and bookings systems.


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