Web Communications, Marketing & Information Management.

Clients and Sample Sites include:

  • Barbados Tourism Authority (http://barbados.org
  • Barbados Chamber of Commerce (http://bdscham.com
  • Caricom (http://caricom.org
  • Caribbean Shopping (http://caribbeanexpressions.com
  • http://BajanBusiness.com and the YellowPages . 
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    Joint Venture of AXSES INC 
    andSYSTEMS Caribbean Ltd.
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  • 1. Creative services including: photographic and video services, script writing, graphics design and programming. 
  • 2. Email hosting and proxy services. 
  • 3. Installation of corporate Intranet and Extranet systems including database servers and custom applications 
  • 4. E-commerce solutions, secure servers and dedicated Internet Services 
  • 5. Marketing services as indicated above. In addition we work with BTA marketing partners; Ruder Finn, MS&L, DMB&B and our Internet partners to create and implement and monitor effective integrated marketing and branding programs. 
  • 6. Surveys, tracking and feedback systems including: customer satisfaction, brand awareness, market strength testing and product satisfaction. 
  • 7. email management and on-line booking coming soon. 


  • 1. Destination Management Systems 
  • 2. e-Commerce, on line shoppings carts 
  • 3. Calendar Technology 
  • 4. Press Release and Newsletter Systems 
  • 5. Virtual Sites and Self Admin Website Servers (SAWS) 
  • 6. Search Engines 
  • 7. Archives 
  • 8 Geographic Information Systems (Mapping) 
  • Call us to develop a solution for your company


    AXSES systems are operated on two high speed servers with plans to add more servers and functionality as required. We operate axses.com, a database and e-commerce server, in New York and axses.net, a UNIX server in California. We will add special video and animated graphics servers and other new features in the future. Many of the new features may be hosted on specialised servers.


    Bandwidth average saturation is less than 50%. We use multiple DS-3 (T3) lines with diverse routes to the Internet Backbone. Our new BGP peering allows us to automatically re-route traffic away from "Internet Hotspots". This means when one part of the Internet slows down your site will not be caught in the bottleneck. Our redundancy, or backup line, is at full DS3 (T3).

    Multiple lines are connected via state of the art switches and routers that provide optimal path delivery. The services is constantly upgraded with the latest technology in hardware, applications and facilities.


    Providing a community of resources to assist Barbados businesses market products and services on-line to both the local and international marketplace.

    Join in this dynamic marketplace and medium of exchange:
    find products and suppliers, and purchase on-line. Communicate and manage information better

    Services include listings,links,webpages, promotions,e-commerce shopping cart, booking systems, web communication, marketing and information management.


    Barbados.org is the marketing arm of Barbados for the Internet. It is the most powerful marketing force for Marketing Barbados on the Internet with 3 to 6 million hits monthly(4.8 million hits in February alone). and recieving approx. 8,000 email enquiries for bookings each month. . 

    BARBADOS TOURISM WEBSITE (http:barbados.org)

    Known as the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia (BTE), it is also the Official Website of the Barbados Tourism Authority. An AXSES SCI site, developed, maintained and marketed by AXSES SCI, as a private sector marketing arm for Barbados on the Internet.


    Barbados.org is positioned as the site for Barbados tourism on the Internet. It is the most linked-to site on Barbados in the world. These sites include the major news sites like CNN, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), University Libraries, Travel sites and many others. Barbados.org is referred to by Barbados Tourism Authority in all media advertising. 

    Annual advertising of approx $20,000,000 by BTA, has a significant impact on generating interest in the site. New Spiral Marketing will see Barbados.org become the call to action for many BTA advertising campaigns. For an example see http://barbados.org/doubilet.htm, a dive campaign advertised by BTA and National Geographic Travel. This extensively advertised promotion had more bookings coming from our site than any other media. There are plans for similar promotions in the new year.


    You may also have your own unique address (URL) like http://timeout.com etc. Your own brand may be promoted on the Internet as an integrated part of your marketing program. We offer a variety of promotional services, including search engine placement, press releases, promotional competitions (see http://luckybreaks.com), keyword banners and targeted advertising to clearly defined on-line markets and special interest groups. 

    We are responsible for marketing the BTE and BTA on the Internet and have many activities and programs that you may be a part of. (e.g: http://divefree.net and BOSS etc)


    AXSES Systems Caribbean Inc. is a joint venture between:

    Systems Caribbean Ltd, the largest Information Technology Consulting and Software Development Organisation in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, -- and --

    AXSES Inc, a Nova Scotia based Software Research and Development Company specializing in Strategic Technology.

    Corporate websites:

    Systems Caribbean Ltd: http://systemscaribbean.com

    AXSES Inc: http://axses.com

    AXSES SYSTEMS Clients Include:

    The Barbados Tourism Authority:
    Flash Version
    The Barbados Chamber of Commerce:
    Caribbean Expressions: