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Web hosting with AXSES content server & e-commerce technology

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The right information to the right people at the right time in the right format

Your knowledge our skill and our library of solution

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About Knowledge Engineering

Advertising has moved beyond delivering a message, to providing media interaction, capable of creating Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA), in a single session

The new differentiation is not so much what you say or how you say it, but more how you process it.

It is no longer enough to create Awareness, Interest and Desire (AID). Consumers demand to know more and to be able Act on it (AIDA).

Knowledge engineering makes Information extensible, available, malleable, configure-able, searchable, accessible, deliverable in the right format and tailored to the occasion.









Knowledge Engineering

A vision for future

Instant gratification the mantra Newspapers report a drastic decline in static travel advertising as compared to …

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Connecting people & place

The Internet is a global network (the global village) connecting systems, people and information. In this global network, informaion systems…..

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Example-Real Estate

Leading Property Management and Real Estate Company in Barbados

Create an interactive media information…

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Content management systems – CMS
Holidays Made to Measure!

interactive marketing of destination …

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Custom applications

Real Estate

Example: – Content management system & custom property management.


In addition to providing custom real estate management solutions, we connect real estate companies, including luxury villa management teams – with customers through our popular travel and destination portals such as and

Photography Archives & Merchandising

This custom-built system includes a complex controlled vocabulary used to classify, browse and search photographs. The e-commerce component includes a download system and credit card handling, along with offline account handling. Photographer commissions are also handled in the back-office of the system.


We build e-commerce solutions that respond to the merchant’s needs, including custom payment options, standard credit card processing and specialized shipping & handling options.


Our e-commerce solutions can also include RSS and other XML-formatted feeds for distribution to third-party sides, as well as custom sitemaps and structured data to ensure better search engine placement of products.


Entertainment & Restaurants

For diners on the move, a mobile-friendly site is a must! This is a driving factor in their decision to either make a reservation, or move on to a competing restaurant.

We focus our skills on creating mobile-optimized sites for restaurants using the goMobi platform. Key calls to actions for the restaurant niche are highlighted in these sites.


Travel and Hospitality

We have years of experience designing websites & sales channels for the travel and hospitality industry, from destination portals to hotel and tour sites.

To reach the broadest audience, we use the Responsive Web Design method.
This is paired with search-engine optimization techniques throughout the build process, extensive testing and post-launch marketing through search engines and social media.


Hospitality Services:

Sales Funnels: – A revolutionary way of marketing travel offers combining a number of proven sales strategies.

Dynamic Packaging: – Creates travel packages based on users profile and choices. Resorts are matched to users by character traits.

Travel Portals:

Event Calendars:

Business & Financial Services

Progressive businesses and business organizations are looking for more than the run of the mill, brochure-type websites typically on offer. At Axses we take the time to understand the objectives and strategies behind the website and created a tailored solution to match those objectives.

Example: – Features a custom content management system, news area, RSS feeds, custom projects management system, and custom video player.


Creating a website that truly achieves its objectives demands careful attention to strategy throughout the design, implementation and marketing phases. We pride ourselves on providing just that to all our valued clients. – Custom content management system including news, events, and members management and search functionality.


A mashup is a web/mobile application that seamlessly combines data and services from multiple sources into a single integrated application/experience. Mashups are a critical part of the travel and hospitality industry especially as consumer-to-consumer data exchange grows as a factor in travel decisions.

At Axses we have created an array of mashups to facilitate the distribution and marketing of travel information and services.

Examples: – Combines Axses data on over 200 attractions, places of interest and beaches with Google Maps technology giving visitors an interactive way to view Barbados. – Combines an XML weather feed with Barbados destination information. This is used on both the destination website and as part of a Facebook app used by multiple destination Facebook pages.

Publishing & Merchandising

We use industry standard on-demand printing and digital distribution systems to circulate stunning magazines and brochures. These are ideal for use as lead magnets and to drive viral marketing campaigns.

Examples:  TravelersInsights. Barbados Independent Travel and Dominica Story



AXSES knowledge engineers build “supplier centered” – “supply chain management” systems. We build the tools that will help suppliers manage their business and gain more control of the market. We build enterprise systems that are efficient and effective in managing information and communications for all aspects of a business, for all stakeholders including:

Global markets, global partners, suppliers, investors, customers, management and staff.

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