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Author:  – The True Story of Barbados Character. Rogues and Heros, Place and History. Told with subtle humour, rogues is an insightful and in-depth narative of a remarkable people
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Bigearth TV, April 2009, Barbadso By Any Means
Hi Society Magazine, February 2004.  Hi Travel Barbados

World Saga Travel Journals 1999- present. Barbados history and lifestyles.

The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia https://barbados.org

1994-1996. Video, research and editorial, graphics, photography,
mapping, HTML and programming. Site launched
in 1997.

GIS and Multi-media
Used to promote and Sustain Tourism

Earth Observation Magazine, September, 1994. Review of a GIs implementation
for tourism planing and promotion.

Sensitivity Mapping

Earth Observation Magazine, July 1994. Presented a system approach to
developing sensitivity indexed for impact assessment and contingency planning.

Coastal Zone Management, Sulawesi, Indonesia

1994. Worked with a multidisciplinary team of
professional environmentalist, coastal engineers and legislative authorities
to develop an Information Atlas for North Sulawesi, Coastal Zone Planning
and Management (CIDA Water Resource Project). Information included statistical
data as well as geo-physical and natural resource data obtained from air
photo interpretation and site inspection.

Spatial technology

as an aid to Sustainable development of natural resources

Department of Natural Resources- NS, 1993. Coordinated and was principle
author of a study to assess relevant technology in planning and managing
the development of Natural Resources. (Department of Natural Resources,
Nova Scotia. Preliminary analysis and strategic assessment).

Strategic Planning and Promotional systems for Tourism

1992. Study of the application of relevant technology including GIs
and Multimedia to tourism. (Study conducted for ACOA as part of an analysis
of a concept to use multimedia and spatial systems for the development
of a comprehensive tourism planning and promotional system).

GIs and eco-systems management in the Caribbean

1992. Study funded by CIDA under the starter study program to explore
the potential of using GIs as an aid to sustainable development and
ecosystems management in the Caribbean.

GIs in Marine Applications

Sea Technology,
1991. Published article on a new digital environmental Information Atlas
and distributed decision support system for resource managers and researchers.
(Gulf of Maine GIs Database Aids Oceanographers, Resource Managers.
Sea Technology, November 1991).

Computers in Education

Computer in Education, November 1991. Paper discusses potential educational

uses of GIs, particularly in the area of environmental studies. (Computer
Software for Environmental Studies, )

Computer Distribution in the Maritimes

1988. Study to classified the systems professionals in the Maritimes.
Reviewed the cost structure of distribution in Canada and in the Maritimes.
Evaluated the potential for computer assembly and distribution in the

Large Scale Systems Automation

1982. Project
study, systems design and co-ordination for the conversion to an automated
on line invoicing and inventory system within a large multi-national organisation.
Conducted concurrently with Masters of Computer Science programme.

Paperless Multi-Branch transactions

1979. A concept
for Electronic Document Interchange developed for Anixter International.
This was later adopted and widely publicised by IBM.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

1986. Evaluated
aspects of the emerging technologies in Image capture, laser disks, CD-Rom
and interactive video etc. Reviewed the leading EDMS software and customer

Retail Plumbing,
“An Analyses of Supply and Demand”

1972. A follow on study to the distribution report of 1970. This focused
on the “Do It Yourself” phenomena and its impact on the plumbing
and electrical trades.

Mechanical Trades Distribution Study

A private study conducted for Westburne International of the trends and
opportunities in distribution within the mechanical trades in Canada.
The one Hundred page report was circulated to all company directors and
managers and became the framework for strategic action.

Caribbean Study

1969 . A 6
month study of the Caribbean for potential Canadian investors. Study reported
on all leeward islands and covered Political and social conditions, infrastructure
and real estate. It was presented to the Board of Directors and resulted
in a modest investment in Barbados. .